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Custom Lighting Manufacturer

Artdecolite Lighting is a professional lighting supplier and manufacturer, and makes great efforts to benefit all clients in OEM services and wholesale business.

Your Best Bespoke Design Lighting Company

Artdecolite Lighting, we are committed to providing high-performance Custom Lighting. We achieve this by applying strict quality management with the active engagement of all designer and workers.

Based on this system and our high-standard plant certified by ISO and BSCI, we can guarantee quality consistency by employing innovative technology, superior raw materials, and precision craftsmanship in mass production. Hence, we build our reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier.

We Support Different Business Modes

Regardless of your business modes, we always provide clients with optimal solutions at affordable prices.


For a brand owner that has its own design, we provide professional OEM service at competitive prices.

With superior craftsmanship and manufacturing capacity of lighting fixuturs, we can meet different quality standards as required by different lighting brands.

Large Production Capacity

Superior Craftsmanship


If you have no product drawing, but want to build your own brand, you can benefit from our free design service. 

Integrating stylish lighting design and the latest technology into one product is what our design team has been good at. We firmly believe that strong branding comes from full customization.

Peerless Design Team

Comprehensive Services


If you are a lighting distributor or retailer that wants to impress target customers by offering more choices.

You can buy different types from our various classical designs, in small bulk, which allows you to overcome the MOQ to benefit our wholesale prices.


Quick Delivery

Explore Custom Lighting

Here, we offer choices to cover all kinds of needs in sound experience at affordable prices to grow your business and empower your brand.

Luxury Lighting

Hotel Lighting

Design Lighting

Office Lighting

Bespoke Lighting

Commercial Lighting


Choose High Quality, Sustainable And Ethical Hotel Lighting Company in China.

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Hotel Chandelier

OEM Your Competitive Product , Now!

Compared with most of other suppliers, we only focus on making good products with competitive barriers, private model customization, and high threshold certification.

Pendant Light
Ceiling Light
Wall Lamp
Table Lamp
Floor Lamp

Who Work with Artdecolite

Artdecolite offers a wide variety of lights to meet your every need. Premium quality, reasonable price and satisfied customers’ reviews. We appreciate for more collaboration and win-win situations.

Lighting Brands Customer

Are you a lighting brands company ? or you sell lighting to your local market, Contact Us! You will get your best OEM manufacturer. There is all types of lighting products, you can choose from our lighting designs to start firstly, and custom your own lighting when you need.

Wholesaler & Distributor

Are you a lighting wholesaler or retailer? Artdecolite Lighting will 100% support your lighting business. We will provide excellent lighting designs for your choice and offer the best price to you. The new designs will release every month to make sure you have enough lighting items for choice.

Projects Design Company

If you have a project that needs custom lighting, Artdecolite Lighting will give you a good lighting solution. We will provide you drawing until meeting your requirement. For big custom Llighting, it still has special packaging to save transportation costs and make sure safety.

Construction Company

If you have a construction project and you have no ideas to choose to light, Artdecolite Lighting will be your best choice as well. As a professional bespoke lighting manufacturer, we have worked with many construction companies in different markets.

Designer, Engineer, Architect

Artdecolite Lighting is working with many lighting designers in different markets right now. We have a professional design team to support your work. Whether you would like modern design lighting or classical design lighting, we will give you a good solution.

Online Brand Business Owner

If you are an online company, Artdecolite Lighting will provide you suitable lighting designs for reference, besides, we can custom many different ranges of lighting based on your RFQ. Actually, we have completed a lot of excellent custom lighting.

For Broker

lf you have connections with professionals in the construction, interior design, or commercial lighting industries, we encourage you to become a valued intermediary for Artdecolite.

Capitalize on our 10 years of manufacturing excellence with state-of-the-art, customizable lighting solutions. Enhance your professional network by partnering with a brand that’s synonymous with quality and innovation. In return, enjoy lucrative referral fees. Reach out to us to forge a mutually beneficial partnership

Delivering Premium LED Lighting to Globally Recognized Brands Since 2010

What happens when you offer high-performance Lighting at affordable prices to target customers? Trust goes to a higher level. Your business will grow stably and quickly. Here, we are your best partner to achieve this goal.


Including hotel, resort, apartment, Bar, restaurant, cafe, casino and etc.


Including shopping mall, office building, wedding banquet, museum, airporta nd etc.


Including luxury villa, penthouse, private club, royal palace, and etc.

Mosque and others

Including church, mosque, temple, concert hall, libarary, and other projects.

Custom Lighting Manufacturer

OEM & ODM Your Design Lighting